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Small business owners and entrepreneurs with startups should take steps as soon as possible to protect their intellectual property (IP) and enforce their ownership over it whenever possible. In the ever-changing landscape of business, standing out to consumers and potential clients is crucial. This makes it crucial to protect your ownership over your company’s IP at all times.

Dan Robinson Law, P.C. can help business owners like you register your trademarks and copyrights with the government. Should another individual or business infringe upon this IP – or accuse you of the same – we can represent you in an IP lawsuit and fight for to achieve your goals or the best possible result.

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Protecting Your Company’s Trademarks

Your company’s trademarks can be anything you use that signals your company in relation to its products and services.

Trademarks, then, can include your:

  • Company’s name
  • Logo
  • Catchphrases
  • Colors
  • Symbols
  • Mascot

If you use properties such as these to distinguish your company’s brand from others, chances are it’s a trademark.

Trademarks, then, can be registered with the government to provide some protection against infringement. Depending upon the scope of your business and where it is located, your registration may only be limited to a specific geographic location. That said, our intellectual property attorney in Ventura can help you register your trademarks on a national or international level if your business is expansive enough to cover multiple regions around the U.S. or even the globe.

It’s also important to enforce your ownership rights over your trademarks whenever another company is using your intellectual property without your permission. Whether you need to prosecute a claim against a company infringing upon your trademarks or defend against improper claims from another business, Dan Robinson Law, P.C. can help you build a personalized case that can achieve the best possible results.

Does Your Company Have Copyrighted Works?

A copyrighted work is anything you create whether it’s a film, work of literature, photography, song, or even your company’s handbook and training manuals. Copyrights are automatically bestowed upon their creators at the time of creation, but registering your copyrighted works with the government can have several benefits.

For one, it officially affirms your ownership over your work. This means you may not have to go to great lengths to prove your ownership over your work if you need to hold another party liable for infringement. If you do need to sue someone for copyright infringement, you may be able to collect a more substantial sum in damages and may not even need to demonstrate that the infringement actually caused harm to your business interests.

Whether you need to register your copyrighted work or hold another party accountable for its infringement, Dan Robinson Law, P.C. is here to support your business interests.

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