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Fighting against Disability Discrimination

Americans living with disabilities are protected against discriminatory treatment by the government. There are many state and federal laws that protect this right, such as the federal Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). It is unlawful for any government entity or agency to discriminate against you for your disability. If you have experienced this kind of violation of your civil rights, immediately seek legal assistance.

We can help if you were excluded from government buildings or programs based on your disability or if you were discriminated against based on your disability by a government agency including:

  • Police
  • Public schools, colleges, and universities
  • Local government agencies including city hall, courts, and libraries
  • Any other state or local government agency

You may also have experienced other forms of discrimination not tied to any benefits, such as an inappropriate denial of driving privileges by the Department of Motor Vehicles, or even a lack of accommodations such as handicap parking at a government facility.

At Dan Robinson Law, P.C., our disability lawyer in Ventura can help you verify your claim and take necessary legal action to pursue full and fair compensation. Our attorney deeply cares about helping people with disabilities who have experienced a violation of their civil rights.

Is PTSD Considered a Disability?

PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is commonly qualified as a form of disability as it can impact the way that a person lives their life, causing limitations and inabilities to function the way that those without PTSD can. Such disability may be reflected in a lack of ability to drive, go on flights, hear loud noises, be in small spaces and more. If you believe that you have been discriminated against because of your PTSD, you deserve justice. There is never a time that discriminating against disability is acceptable. Learn more from our firm.

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Why Go with Dan Robinson Law, P.C.?

It’s sometimes difficult to know which attorney you can trust to handle your legal affairs. This is no less true for when you need to fight against disability discrimination. At Dan Robinson Law, P.C., rest assured that you will be treated with respect and compassion as we aggressively hold the government accountable for infringing upon your rights.

Attorney Dan Robinson understands just how important it is that people living with disabilities are fairly treated. As a parent of a child with a disability, Dan understands the challenging experiences that people with disabilities and can face on a daily basis. None of these obstacles, however, should ever be someone’s negligent or willful disregard for their civil rights as a person with a disability.

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If you need legal assistance, reach out to our disability law attorney in Ventura for help. At Dan Robinson Law, P.C., we offer clients a personalized experience where we invest time in getting to understand them, their situation, and what their goals are. Using this input, we can craft a personalized legal strategy that can help you reach the best possible outcome.

We also provide clients with proactive support. That means we’ll be thinking several steps ahead and taking action as soon as possible to mitigate or eliminate factors that can harm your chances of success. Rest assured that when you work with Dan Robinson Law, P.C., you’re working with a legal advocate who cares about doing what it takes to help.

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