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Providing Legal Services to Clients near Ventura

When our firm opened up, it was the vision of our founding attorney to provide people with the legal support they needed when they came to him for help. With 12 years of prior experience as a commercial litigator for large corporations the likes of Microsoft, Samsung, Huawei, and others, attorney Dan Robinson turned his attention toward expanding his practice and helping people on a more personalized level.

Dan Robinson Law, P.C. can assist clients with legal issues that involve the following:

Whether clients need help with a legal dispute affecting their businesses, need to assert their civil rights, or help a child receive the special education they are entitled to get, we are here to support them. Each client is treated as an individual at Dan Robinson Law, P.C. – this means we don’t take a cookie-cutter approach and build each case for each client with the details of their situation or dispute in mind. With this input, we can craft a legal strategy that may help them achieve their goals or the best possible outcome.

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  • Patent Ownership and Licensing Advice Effective Patent Ownership & Licensing Advice

    Counseled a major software publisher regarding options for corporate restructuring and mergers with respect to patent and copyright licensing and ownership. Has counseled small businesses and startups regarding ownership and consolidation of IP and avoiding infringement of IP, and has drafted a founder contribution agreement contributing IP to a startup prior to a round of funding.

  • DownUnder Wireless LLC v. Samsung Elec. Co. et al. Record-Setting Litigation

    Represented Samsung in this patent litigation involving wireless communication devices. Drafted the winning summary judgment dismissing all claims in favor of Samsung.

  • Weyer et al. v. MySpace et al. (C.D. Cal.) Winning Litigation

    Represented MySpace in patent litigations involving web pages, obtaining dismissal before commencement of discovery.

  • Obtaining Special Education Services Obtained full-time private ABA therapy

    Obtained full-time private ABA therapy in public school for an autistic child.

  • Child Denied Services Obtained Special Education Services

    Obtained special education services for a child with emotional disturbance who had been denied services for years.

  • EveryMD v. Goldman Sachs et al. Winning Litigation

    Represented Goldman Sachs and a global financial institution in patent litigations involving web pages, obtaining dismissal before commencement of discovery. (C.D. Cal. 2011 and 2012)

  • Millwork Design Solutions LLC v. Creators, Inc. et al. (E.D. Cal., 2021) Satisfactory Settlement

    Represented a national provider of hotel furnishings against a hotel owner and related parties seeking full compensation for goods and services that were being withheld due to alleged delays; obtained a satisfactory settlement for the client within weeks of filing the lawsuit.

  • ADA Disability Discrimination Substantial Financial Settlement

    Litigated an ADA disability discrimination case in federal court on behalf of a young boy who had been punished in school for his behavior which was caused by his ADHD. Obtained a substantial financial settlement for the child's future education.

  • FastVDO v. Microsoft and 511 Innovations v. Microsoft High Stakes Litigation

    Represented Microsoft defending these two patent lawsuits in the Eastern District of Texas, the first involving wireless phone voice codecs and the second involving optical sensors.

  • Mediation For Bullied Child Substantial Financial Settlement

    Obtained a substantial financial settlement in mediation for a child and his family after the child had been bullied by schoolmates and maligned by his school officials.


Our Services

How We Can Support Business Owners

Whether you own a business you established a while ago or are fresh to the world of business as a startup entrepreneur, you’re cut from a different kind of cloth. It’s not easy being a business owner, least of all when you’re facing a legal challenge or dispute.

Attorney Dan Robinson is also a business owner. Not only does he understand and appreciate what it means to be involved in business, but he loves it – everything from payroll to administration. Dan applies this passion for business to the legal problems his clients face every day.

We can help companies that need assistance with:

Whether your company is large or small, new or long-established, Dan Robinson Law, P.C. can respond to your legal problems with the personalized level of service you need to get meaningful results.

Standing up for Those with Disabilities

Attorney Dan Robinson’s passion for special education law is fueled, in part, by his love for his son with a disability. Dan knows what many parents are going through when their child has a disability, especially when they need to fight the government to get the special education services their child requires and is entitled to by law.

As a legal advocate that can help people assert their civil rights in court, Dan can also help clients fight against disability discrimination matters and seek fair and just compensation when their rights are violated.

Do You Need Legal Assistance?

If you’re in need of legal assistance for a sensitive legal matter, turn to Dan Robinson Law, P.C. for support. We can help your business with its legal disputes and challenges or fight for your child with a disability when they are being denied the treatment they deserve.

Rest assured that our attorney cares deeply for his client’s issues because he understands how important his work can be when it comes to delivering effective results. If you want to secure a better chance of achieving the best possible outcome to a legal dispute or obstacle you’re facing, reach out to Dan Robinson Law, P.C.

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